Structure of video games (shooter games)

Shooting games is one of the genre in video games. Fighting, adventuring, shooting games make players go crazy for it. Technological advancements has changed everything and still changing everything. Video games are playing a major role by taking big share in the country’s economy. They evolved rapidly in terms of genre, game play, versions and system requirements. Evolution of different virtual gaming methods has not only changed the entire gaming world and the players all over but they brought people connected together. Be it gambling games or other types, online gaming has become much prominent and easy to play. Online gaming allows us to play games for free just with internet connection. Else, one can download for free just by clicking download for the desired game in the play store. For instance, just clicking CS GO download or buy it for money in physical form.

CS GO download

Some of the popular online games

All the popular games of various genre are available for download in the play stores whether it is google play store or Microsoft store or for iOS. This downloading is again offered for free or for real money. Which means if we desire to keep a game forever then one can opt for buying a game by paying online, registering yourself and then can download into your system. A soft copy of the game belongs to you now forever. If we think of having a game forever with us which we are crazy for, then the best to opt is buying a hardcopy or say a physical form of the game like disks, by just visiting an offline gaming store or online shopping sites. When it comes to free game, best desired by the most, just opening the paly store and search for the game is enough where one can click on the download button accept the licensing terms and the game just gets installed in your system. This is how it goes very simply just by one click.

Some of the popular shooting games are discussed here with. Shooter games is one of the genre in the video games where the player has to shoot the opponents (enemy teams) and kill them thus completing the missions. When all the missions are done, the game ends. All the craze lies the effects and graphics which create a virtual environment that feels like a real-time battle grounds or war – fares. First person shooter (FPS) is the subgenre of shooter games where the player experiences the eyes of the character. Unlike in older adventurous games, the first person who is fighting (we) against the enemy troops, observes everything with eyes. That is, only the gun is centred and the entire body the character is not displayed but just the gun and the hand holding it while playing, focussing the target, searching for opponents. One the best ever considered first person shooter game is Counter Strike (CS) series which has 5 versions of it developed till date and the current version is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). This game is available in the play store for free, can just download it by clicking CS GO download or buy it from online sites or by it from store or paly entirely for free even without downloading by just visiting the best online gaming websitesand paly for free. To get score boards Facebook account login and playing is required. Other best shooter games are call of duty series, Star wars battle front series and many more.